late Professor Senaka Bibile and Dr S A Wickramasinghe made a strong case for the establishment of an essential drug manufacturing entity owned and managed by the government of Sri Lanka. As a result in 1987 State Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Corporation (SPMC) was established with  grant aid from Japanese Government through JICA and plant upgraded in 2018 again with support of JiCA.

SPMC products manufactured  in fully equipped computer-controlled manufacturing facilities profoundly designed in compliance to WHO current Good Manufacturing Practices(cGMP) with a thorough supervision of quality, our pharmaceuticals are in par with the international standards ensuring the highest product quality.

Scientifically and technologically sound trained team working on a continuously developing platform in a research culture with excellent Japanese technology we make only the highest quality pharmaceuticals to distribute through our marketing pipe lines.

Ultimately fulfilling the dream of late Professor Senaka Bibile SPMC manufactures highest quality pharmaceuticals at affordable prices to the nation.


  • Production Department

    Designed with well-equipped modern facilities and the superior Japanese technology, the production wing matches the modern trends in pharmaceutical manufacturing to keep up with the international s...
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  • Quality Control Department

    To ensure the utmost quality of SPMC’s products and the production process, the quality control (QC) department is serving as an internal regulatory body of SPMC that act as a supervising wing. It ...
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  • Formulation Research & Development Department

    The Research & Development wing serve to ensure a supreme quality standard of the production, through the continuous and systematic routine product optimization. The main functions of the R & D dep...
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  • Marketing Department

    The Marketing Department integrates sales and distribution, budgeting and forecasting, market information analysis, designing and developing various sales and marketing strategies, sales promotion,...
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  • Planning & Procurement Department

    To streamline and consolidate the purchasing function within the corporation, the Planning & Procurement department serves as a seamless body. The department maximize the value for outlays by ensur...
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  • Human Resources and Administration Department

    The human resources and administration department serves as a hub that manage the employees and support the human resource strategies. The human resources and administration department aim to facil...
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  • Accounting Division

    Finance department is responsible for financial reporting in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the State Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Corporation. Major Functions of Finance d...
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  • Engineering Department

    To ensure the quality maintenance of the highly sophisticated machinery and equipment which reassure a quality and smoothly carrying out production, the engineering wing function as a key facilitat...
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  • Internal Audit Department

    For a public corporation, internal auditing is a statutory requirement. Hence the Internal Audit Department has been established as a separate Department of State Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Corp...
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