launched the medicine Clopidogrel

The first locally made drug under the programme to locally produce 50 percent of Sri Lanka’s total drugs requirement was launched recently at the State Pharmaceuticals manufacturing Corporation (SPMC).

The Pharmaceutical Production, Supply and Regulation State Ministry said it had produced the Gabapentin 300 mg drug as a first in the programme.

The state health sector spends Rs. 14.17 Billion according to the ministry spokesman,while the private health sector spends Rs. 1.6 Billion to import this drug.This money can be saved through this.

“Once every two weeks SPMC will release a new locally produced drug to the Sri Lankan market relieving people. All should check the SPMC name before buying drugs. The GMOA assists in the programme” he said.

During the launching ceremony Pharmaceutical Production, Supply and Regulation State Minister Prof. Channa Jayasumana said Sri Lanka spends Rs.130 Billion annually to import drugs and 75 percent of the funds are spent on obtaining drugs from the private sector.